US household debt rose in the 4Q. Up 1.5% for the quarter

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

Household debt higher

The NY Fed is reporting that US household debt rose in the 4Q.  

  • Total household debt was 13.15 trillion
  • Versus 4Q 2016, the total debt was $402 billion higher
  • Mortgage delinquency rate improved to 1.27% from 1.38% in the prior quarter
  • student loan democracy rate decreased to 10.96% from 11.17%
  • number of household loans increased to 674.62 million
  • number of credit cards rose to 468.76 million from 465.97 million
  • new foreclosures fell to 69,161 individuals
  • new bankruptcies fell to 200,400 from 208,440 in the prior quarter


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