US monthly budget statement for June -$8.5B vs -$7.9B estimate

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

US monthly budget statement

  • Monthly budget defict of -$8.5B
  • Deficit in June 2018 was at -$74.858B
  • In May deficit was at -$207.768 vs -$146.796 last year
  • The Fiscal 2019 year-to-date deficit $747 billion with comparable fiscal 2018 deficit of $607 billion
  • June budget outlays $342 billion versus  $391 billion in June 2018 
  • receipts $334 billion versus $316 billion in June 2018
  • when adjusted for calendar effects, the deficit for June was -$55 billion verses $30 billion in June 2018
  • The Fed by $4.7 billion and $40 billion year to date from its asset purchases. The 2018 FYTD total revenues was $55.575B.  
  • The total FYTD recieipts is $2609B vs $2541B last year
  • The totalFYTD spending is $3356B vs $3147B last year. 
  • Custom duties are up 78.2% on the year to $50.472B vs $28.3B in 2018 (tariffs?)
  • Spending on agriculture (subsidies) are up 28.4% on the year to $31.3B vs $24.381B last year.  
  • Another inteesting figure is commerce and housing under spending is showing -$26.9B year to date (i.e. a credit) vs $1B last year.  

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