US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo

US secretary of state Pompeo is on the wires saying:

  • dispute about central premise of high global trade done
  • it is time for China to stop taking advantage of trade
  • China using predatory trade tactics for decades
  • China behavior has negative implications for business
  • Pres. Trump is clear that he wants China to do the right thing
  • US won't tip and to what it will or won't do in Hong Kong
  • engaging with Kim didn't give him a darn thing
  • urges China to do the right thing regarding Hong Kong protests
  • China capital flowing to the US should not compromise national security
  • North Korea needs to fulfill promises made in Singapore
  • US fully committed to denuclearization in North Korea via diplomacy
  • US taking a toughest response to North Korea in history
  • Iran sanctions have been effective and we will enforce them everywhere
  • China has been helpful in engaging North Korea