US sells 10 year notes at a high yield of 2.18%

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

$20 B auctioned. Bid to cover of 2.28x

The US auctioned off $20B of 9 year 11 month notes at a high yield of 2.18%. That was above the WI rate of around 2.17%.
  • The bid to cover came in at 2.28x which was a little higher than the 2.23x last month
  • Primary dealers take 38.67%., Direct 6.05% and indirect  bidders awarded 55.28%
  • Indirect bidders is the least 10 year note supply since November
  • US awards primary dealers most 10 year not supply since November
So, the results show, the dealers own them. They did get a concession up to 2.18% and with the yield trading at 2.1743% currently, they have a little fluff to distribute it.  However, the yield of the 30 year bond has risen to a 3 week high after the auction.  
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