Nasdaq and S&P above record close levels. Dow up too today.

The major US stock indices are opening in the black and trades near the highs.

  • S&P is up about 7 points or 0.29%
  • The Nasdaq is up about 18 points or 0.30%
  • The Dow is up 70 points or 0.31%

The S&P closed at a record high yesterday. So any gain today is a new high. The Nasdaq high close is 6435.33. The price is above that now with the 18 point gain at 6450.30. So new record for it so far.

US yields are keeping/extending gains

  • 2 year 1.3308, up 1.2 bp
  • 10 year 2.162%, up 3.1 bp
  • 30 year 2.765%, up 2.5 bp