Putin and Trump still meeting

The US stocks are trading near the highs for the day. The US employment report today showed strong job growth but wages were less than expectations. The average workweek also advanced 0.1 hours to 34.5 from 34.4. That is good news.

Putin and Trump are meeting and there has been a headline that the US and Russia are prepared to announce a cease fire in southwest Syria starting Sunday.

Out of the G20, Germany's Merkel said:

  • Finding G-20 agreement on trade proving difficult.
  • All G-20 members voiced concern about No. Korea
  • Steel to play central role in G-20 aide talks today
  • Most G-20 agreed to back Paris climate accord.
  • US decision to leave Paris climate accord regrettable.

Meanwhile it is reported that Trump told G-20 members that economic development was his priority, not the ecology.