US Treasury currency manipulator report due next week, China to be named?

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Speculation that the US will officially name China has ebbed and flowed for, oh, about 30 years or so.

Next week we get the twice-yearly report from the US Treasury that may (or, if the trend really is your friend, may not) name China as a currency manipulator.
The criteria the Treasury uses is quite restrictive (hence it doesn't name countries too often at all) but with the new boss (the Prez) maybe they can bend a little.
Recent official comments (and seemingly endless tweets from you-know-who) have expressed concerns that China is manipulating the value of the yuan. 

ps. I posted on a mechanism the US can use to name China, here: Here's How Trump Can Formally Call China a Currency Manipulator

pps. I take a simple view. If a country sets a rate (& or range) every day at which the currency is permitted to trade and threatens intervention if the market takes it outside of the permitted range then yeah, manipulation. Simples, really. 

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