Ultimately the US ISM has tipped the scales and we've now seen another wave of US$ buying throwing EURUSD and GPBUSD back onto session lows

GBPUSD is having a look now at the key support lines around 1.5185 after failing to hold gains above the now pivotal 1.5250 area

EURUSD is also challenging key support lines around 1.0880 while USDJPY motors north to 124.67

Can't keep this US$ down for long at the moment and if we don't get any relief on EURUSD and GBPUSD soon then expect a further acceleration lower

Meanwhile USDCAD has chewed its way through offers into 1.2550 to post 1.2565 , 100 pips off the lows posted in the wake of the RBC mftg PMI data before the ISM reading reversed those losses in a rush

A strange day at the office with good opportunity certainly but there's been easier days to trade, so if you're unsure it's probably best to keep your powder dry for another time