• China 1H sales rise 18.7%. +20.9% in June
  • Europe sales -3.5%
  • North American sales +12.3%
  • Commercial vehicles +0.2% (EU -0.8%)

Europe is still the biggest market for VW and the drop in sales highlights the weakness in the area. EU sales are around 1.87m compared to the second biggest market, Asia 1.73 of which China takes 1.54m.

Commercial vehicle sales were down which also point to a lack of business activity.

The figures are across all the brands they own such as Audi, Skoda, Seat and Lamborghini. Worldwide they produced 9.25m cars in F/Y 2012.

While not exactly news to trade on, it’s worth keeping an eye on car sales as they can give small clues to the state of economic activity.