I’ll have more on what to expect later, but as for the ‘when’ question – i.e. What time is the BOJ announcement expected?

  • There is no fixed schedule for BOJ announcements
  • Past experience would suggest sometime after 0300GMT (though after 0330 is more likely today – see next points)
  • The more protracted the negotiations at a the BOJ policy board meeting, the later the announcement is likely to be
  • The current meeting (it started yesterday and continues today) is likely to be a long one, with plenty of discussion and negotiation, so expect the announcement sometime after 0330GMT
  • Past experience would suggest we’ll get the announcement before 0530GMT

BOJ governor Kuroda has scheduled in a press conference for 0630GMT

GMT to Eastern daylight-saving US time, subtract 4 hours from GMT, i.e

0300GMT = 11pm Eastern

0400GMT = midnight Eastern

0500GMT = 1am Eastern

0600GMT = 2am Eastern

0700GMT = fuggedabouditI’mgoingtobed