Speaking on Fox news

White House trade advisor Peter Navarro on Fox news said:

  • US better prepared if the 2nd virus with comes

One of the advantages of getting through the 1st wave is it did prompt stockpiles in ventilators and other supplies including coronavirus swabs. That indeed has made the US more prepared in case of the 2nd wave before a vaccine (numbers are already going up and will be eyed over the next few weeks after the protests gathered large groups of people. combined with the reopening of the economy in many states).

However, there was a setback after Pres. Trump visited a Maine swab manufacturer on Friday and did not wear a mask. The company said they would be discarding all swabs made during his visit that day as a result of his breach of protocol. The company was given $80 million from the federal government to produce swabs and has to been doing so 6 days a week since that time to meet the demand.

Speaking on Fox news_