All good things must come to an end, but only temporarily in the case of ForexLive

Next week we're going to be winding things down and taking a well earned break. We need to build up our fat and alcohol reserves for the winter, and show our faces to our families

From next week we'll be running a reduced service. We'll cover the major data points (and there's a few from those US buggers who want to keep pushing the data until the last), as well as any other major news

Even though there's data like durable goods out, the market is unlikely to pay too much attention as trading desks will be winding down also

Trading will lighten up and things like the order boards might be sparse, if not non-existent. I've had a very quick gander at the options boards and while there are still a few lumpy expiries, in general they've thinned out too

There will still likely be some moves in markets as the end of year flows continue but they should tail off next week. Still, be prepared for unexpected

This year has gone way beyond our imagination in what we expected. We launched the education courses, we got to a very good place with the website, we had laughs, we had tears and we made more friends from people coming to the site. I hope that we've helped guide you through this trading year and that your pip bucket hath runneth over

We couldn't do what we do without you guys and girls and your views, idea's, knowledge, and a healthy dose of craziness makes it a pleasure for us to get up each and day and come and write on these pages. We learn just as much from you as I hope you learn from us

Anyway, I'm rambling on and this was just meant to be a heads up post for next week. It's a good job I don't charge Adam for my services by the word eh?

If you are calling it a day today at the close of biz, the team would like to wish you a very happy holiday and a profit booming New Year