"Researches" are saying

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that China appears to be building new silos for nuclear missiles. The discovery comes from commercial satellite imagery. The satellite imagery follows another US at think tank analysis appearing to identify a separate missile silo field under construction.

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Researchers at the Federation of American Scientists, said they found what they characterize as ongoing efforts to build a missile silo field in China's North Western frontier region of the Xinjiang. The images apparently show 14 silo construction sites. There are also 19 other sites where soil appeared to have been cleared in preparation for building work.

The article adds that the recent report comes weeks after experts from a US think tank said they detected signs that China was building a field of potentially 120 missile sites near the city of Yumen in the northwestern province of Gansu.

The think tank estimates that China has about 350 nucllear warheads compared to nearly 4000 warheads at the US and Russia each maintain.

China news has certainly started to become more of an impact of late. Internally, the country has clamped down on regulations and on China companies outside of their borders. That has led to sharp declines in Chinese indices over the last few days. There is also increasing tension between US and China on relations. This is just another story for the markets to worry about.

The NASDAQ index is currently down -1.92%. The S&P index is down -1.0%. The Dow industrial average is down -0.74%.