EUR/JPY takes a little trip to 130.81 130.68

Reminder of strong support at 130.32. Just ahead of the 100 dma t 128.27 we have a trendline from April through June at 128.38.

eurjpydaily 26 07 2013

The convergence of the trendline and 100 dma looks like a good level for initiating a long so I’m going to keep my eye on it.

GBP/JPY, as spotted by reader e has fallen to a short term trendline from 10 July which is at 151.63. It’s held for the last attempts today and though I’m not a fan of such a short term line can’t deny its effect. Below there is the broken resistance line from May which may provide further marginal support at 151.10.

gbpjpyh4 26 07 2013

Given the 220 odd pip fall from the highs, again this might provide a decent opportunity for a long with a stop on a break of the longer term line.