Yen pairs carving out ne session highs

USDJPY now up to a session high of 110.75 and EURJPY and GBPJPY follow suit with similar moves.

US yields continue to rise with 10's now up the best part of 3bps to 2.34%, They've been 3 pips short of 2.35%.

It's hard to tell if this is just a dead cat bounce or not and I'd be very watchful of it being one, so let the levels be your guide.

USDJPY needs to surmount 110.80 to bring a test of 111.00.

USDJPY H1 chart

While I'm at it, here's the European closes;

  • FTSE+0.5 %

  • Cac +0.2%

  • Dax +0.2%

  • Ibex +0.3%

  • FTSE Mib +0.1%

European bonds

  • Italy 2.27% -5bp

  • Spain 1.61% -3bp

  • Portugal 3.93% +2bp

  • Germany 0.256% -2bp

  • Greece 7.08% +7bp