China has now confirmed 903 coronavirus cases

Author: Adam Button | Category: News

Death tool unchanged at 26

Earlier today the tally was at 830 cases. SARS caused an eventual 8098 cases and 774 deaths.

Many people are taking the number of deaths (26) and cases (903) and highlighting a 2.8% mortality rate. That's flawed thinking. Until you know whether those 903 people died or were cured, you can't know what the mortality rate is.

In any case, the mortality rate of the flu is about 0.02%, so this is more than 100x more deadly and if it were as infectious as the flu it would kill more than 60 million people. At this point, however, we have no idea how infectious it is. SARS did not spread as anywhere near as readily or quickly as the flu but part of that was due to aggressive containment.

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