China says that it will punish officials who delay new coronavirus disclosure

Author: Justin Low | Category: News

A statement made by the Chinese foreign ministry

Fear makes people do crazy things though it's hard to get a real sense of how things are like on the ground at the moment, besides looking at social media posts on the matter.

But just for an update, China's Hubei province has now lifted its public health emergency response to Level I - the highest level - amid the outbreak.

For some context, Wuhan is one of the cities located in the Hubei province with many of the other cities in the area also said to be on lockdown mode currently.

Meanwhile, China's state media is now reporting that Tianjin has confirmed a case of the new coronavirus in a patient who has not been to Wuhan. I reckon that sort of development is expected but given how accessible world travel is in this day and age, it is scary to think of how widespread this outbreak can really be.

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