... And just like that, the gains in the major indices are erased.

  • The Dow Industrial Average trading down 25 points or -0.07% of 33809.42. The Dow was up 141.7 points at session highs
  • S&P index moved to a low of 4292.05. That took the index down -1.87 points. It currently trades at 4295.60 up 1.72 points. The S&P index was up 28.70 points at session highs
  • NASDAQ index fell to a low of 13236.18. That took the index down -2.34 points. It was as high as up 147.42 points at the session highs

Easy come easy go. Looking at some of the big cap stocks

  • Tesla shares are still up $11.72 or 5.02%
  • Adobe shares are still up $19.75 or 4.5%
  • Nvidia shares are up $3.30 or 0.87%
  • Google is up 0.25%
  • Microsoft is up 0.28%
  • Apple is up 0.42%
  • Meta is up 0.18%

So although indices are lower, some of the major movers are still in positive territory for now at least.