The Apple WWDC23 will begin at the top of the hour.

Apple is set to introduce its most groundbreaking hardware product in years at the Worldwide Developers Conference since the Apple Watch. The company is anticipated to introduce a "mixed reality" headset, merging augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has long championed the potential of augmented reality to enhance communication and collaboration. However, the success of the headset is not guaranteed as past attempts by tech companies to popularize headsets have struggled to gain mass acceptance, and the market remains relatively niche.

The conference will also feature a range of announcements, including software updates for devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch. The company may also hint at plans to integrate more AI across its products and services.

How can you stay away?

Meanwhile, in the markets:

US yields are moving back toward the middle of the trading range. The US session started the day with yields higher, then reversed lower after the week and expected ISM nonmanufacturing data. The yields are now back near the middle of the ranges.

  • 2 year yield 4.499% -0.4 basis points
  • 5 year 3.845% +0.4 basis points
  • 10 year yield 3.696% +0.3 basis points
  • 30 year 3.887% +0.5 basis points

In the US stock market, NASDAQ shares or higher, S&P index is higher as well but the Dow is trading down:

  • Dow industrial average -0.18%
  • S&P index +0.29%
  • NASDAQ index +0.56%

In other markets

  • Crude oil is higher but off their highest levels after Saudi Arabia said that they would decrease production in the several months. Oil currently trades at $72.85. The high price reached $75.06. The low price was down $72.02
  • Spot gold is up $11.18 or 0.57% at $1958.50. The price is reacting to the lower dollar.
  • Silver is trading down $0.07 at $23.54
  • Bitcoin is now trading at $25,795 after reaching a intraday low of $25,483. That took the price below the May low of $25,790. The next target comes at the 50% midpoint of the move up from the March low at $25,302

In the forex, the CHF is the strongest of the majors, while the GBP is the weakest. The USD is mixed.