South China Morning Post with the report today:

  • Authorities in Beijing have scrapped a rule that limited the listing of prices of pre-owned homes in Haidian district, a move intended to boost demand and prop up the country’s slumping property market.
  • In Haidian, a district known for its good schools and access to quality education, 29 properties are now publicly advertising their listing prices for pre-owned homes, as reported by local news outlets.
  • Properties whose ownership grants students free admission to prestigious schools nearby were previously prohibited from listing their prices due to inflated demand between 2020 and 2021. A price restriction was also put in place by the Haidian district property association in September 2021 to rein in a price surge and stabilise the market.

The freeing up of prices has seen a boost to enquiries report local agents.

Link here (may be gated ) for more.

haidian beijing 13 September 2023

That's a huge area of the city ....

ps. Country Garden has received approval to extend another yuan bond