US President Biden is in Japan for the G7 leaders' summit.

While the cat's away the mice are not making progress. This is the latest out of Washington politics surrounding the debt ceiling negotiations:

US House Speaker Republican Kevin McCarthy

  • said he is not seeing progress while the President is away - “Unfortunately, the White House moved backwards,” McCarthy told reporters (link to US politics media, The Hill, for more if you are interested)

Meanwhile on the Dem side, this is from another US politics media source, Politico reporter tweet:

  • "Democrats in the White House and on Capitol Hill say negotiations are going in the wrong direction"
  • "They say Republicans’ demands keep going further to the right."


Biden is meeting with Japan, South Korea, and then separately with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday (Japan time). Biden will hold a media conference later in the day. He'll be back in Washington for more debt talks, likely from Monday although he could arrive back on Sunday evening USA time.


mccarthy biden 30 January 2023

US House Speaker Republican McCarthy & US President Biden.