UMich consumer sentiment

The economic calendar on Friday won't be a huge consideration.

We're likely going to spend all of Friday sorting through the bond-market wreckage and parsing what the Fed will do but there's one data point coming up at the top of the hour.

The lone data point is the February UMich prelim consumer sentiment survey (shown above). The main headline is still capable of moving the market but its track record in the pandemic era is awful. That's out at 10 am ET. Rather than focusing on the main headlines, inflation expectations could move markets. The prior 1-year inflation expectation was 4.9% and the prior 5-10 year was 3.1%.

At 10:30 am ET, the BOC is out with its Q4 senior loan officer survey. That's not going to be a factor for CAD, though I am watching Canadian housing very closely because it's in the blow-off-top phase of a bubble.