• Prior was +3.8%
  • Six-month trimmed mean annualized +4.4%
  • 12-month trimmed mean +4.8%

This is a one-month annualized measure from the Dallas Fed and highlights another measure of core inflation.

The most significant decreases in the PCE are found in the sectors of spectator sports (-62.4%), natural gas (-45.3%), fuel oil (-42.5%), hotels and motels (-34.3%), major household appliances (-34.2%), and motor vehicle rental (-32.5%).

The sectors with the most significant inflation include clothing materials (129.4%), sewing items (129.4%), tax preparation and other related services (110.7%), repair of household appliances (95.2%), and repair of furniture, furnishings, and floor coverings (95.2%). Other notable increases include used autos (74.0%), used light trucks (68.5%), legal services (56.5%), professional association dues (56.5%), and other household services (52.5%).

Those were all trimmed out but some of the numbers that were kept in the index:

  • Motor vehicle maintenance and repair +6.7%
  • Men's and boys' clothing +6.3%
  • Tires +4.8%
  • Women's and girls' clothing +1.5%
  • Vegetables +3.3%
  • Beef +3.5%
  • Food products (other) +6.1%

Food, clothing and vehicle-related items appear to be sticky sources of inflation