Hey Disney fans and traders on the go! 🎢🎬 Let’s dive into the quick takeaways from The Walt Disney Company’s latest earnings report for Q4 and the full fiscal year 2023:

🌟 Revenue is up, folks! Q4 saw a 5% increase, while the full year jumped by 7% compared to last year.

🌟 EPS (Earnings Per Share) saw a bit of a roller coaster ride. Q4’s EPS from continuing operations rose to $0.14 from $0.09 a year ago. However, the annual figure dipped to $1.29 from $1.75.

🌟 When we strip out some items, the adjusted EPS for Q4 soared over 100% to $0.82, and for the full year, it’s up to $3.76 from $3.53.

🚀 Disney+ is grabbing subscribers like it’s collecting Infinity Stones - adding nearly 7 million in Q4! The content galaxy expanded with hits like “Elemental,” “Little Mermaid,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” “Ahsoka,” and “Moving.”

📈 ESPN is scoring with increased revenue and operating income - proving sports are still king!

🏰 Theme parks and experiences? Thriving! Operating income shot up over 30% for Q4. Disney is navigating through wage inflation and the end of its 50th-anniversary celebrations.

💸 In the money department, Disney is sharpening its pencils, upping its cost savings target to a whopping $7.5 billion.

💰 And for you free cash flow lovers, Disney is eyeing significant growth in 2024, aiming to match those pre-pandemic highs.

CEO Bob Iger is pumped about the progress and sees a strong foundation for growth. The focus? Streaming profitability, making ESPN the top digital sports platform, better movie studio economics, and supercharging the parks and experiences segment.

That’s it - your Disney earnings in a magical nutshell! 🌈✨

Keep your eyes peeled for what’s next; Disney’s not slowing down in the streaming race or the theme park thrills. And investors? Get ready for a potentially exciting ride ahead! 🎢📊

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