Not a whole lot is taking in place in European morning trade so far. Equities are cautiously optimistic with US futures little changed and European indices marginally higher, while 10-year Treasury yields are off earlier lows around 3.47% to be up 1.7 bps to 3.50% at the moment. The dollar is slightly lower as there are still a few key themes that markets are working with:

EUR/USD is sticking close to 1.0900, up 0.4% on the day, while USD/JPY is also up 0.4% and holding just above 130.00 as noted earlier here. The pound is moving lower though as cable buyers are finding the rejection of the December highs at 1.2443-46 tough, falling to 1.2365 at the moment.

Meanwhile, the aussie is hopeful for a technical push above 0.7000 against the dollar as price is up 0.7% to 0.7013 currently.

There aren't any major headlines to drive the market moves, so it is pretty much just flows acting up so far on the session. But as warned earlier, just be mindful of the two potential key themes above that could come into play as we look towards US trading later.