Sergey Brin and his wife, Nicole Shanahan

Elon Musk is tearing up deals and now tearing up marriages according to a new report in the WSJ:

"Elon Musk engaged in a brief affair last fall with the wife of Sergey Brin, prompting the Google co-founder to file for divorce earlier this year and ending the tech billionaires’ long friendship, according to people familiar with the matter."

That's the world's richest man having sex with the wife of the world's 8th richest man.

On top of that, it was Brin who gave Tesla $500,000 during the 2008 financial crisis when the company was floundering.

Brin filed for divorce in January from Nicole Shanahan, who was his second wife. Shanahan is seeking $1 billion in the divorce.

"At a party earlier this year, Mr. Musk dropped to one knee in front of Mr. Brin and apologized profusely for the transgression, begging for forgiveness, according to people with knowledge of the incident."

Musk had a daughter with Grimes in December -- the same month as the allege affair -- and twins with a executive at Neuralink a few months earlier.