It was a session of minor moves only across the major FX board:
EUR/USD is very little changed indeed, up a few tics. Ditto for cable.
AUD/USD and NZD/USD have both lost a few points and, as I post, have dipped just under their lows seen Wednesday US time. Australian trade figures for February showed a much higher level of imports than was expected (this sent the trade surplus to a miss (see bullets above)). Within the imports data consumer goods and fuel/energy were major contributors, partly reflecting higher prices.
USD/CAD has ticked a little higher, above its US Wednesday high.
USD/JPY dropped under 123.70 and its US-time lows. There have been comments out of the Bank of Japan (see bullets above) but nothing to surprise.
Oil and gold are little changed on the session.

usdyen wrap 07 April 2022