The lead into the Asia session:

Forexlive Americas FX news wrap: Huge turnaround in 'war' trades

Yesterday we had an official from the Bank of Japan warn on rising inflation. Today we had another official there pointing out that import prices (yen-based index of) were at their highest since 2008. Once again today the FX market shrugged off these comments and sold the yen. One of the reasons, not the only one, of course, is there is little prospect of core inflation in Japan getting anywhere near the 2% Bank of Japan target in the near future and thus little prospect of a tightening of policy. Any policy changes, if any!, will be fiddling around the edges. USD/CHF rose alongside. US 2 year yield rose, further support.

EUR/USD barely moved ahead of today’ s European Central Bank decision and Lagarde’s presser.

AUD/USD and NZD/USD traded round trips – a dip initially and since then the retrace has left the two little net changed on the session. Cable is down a few tics only.

Remarks out of the United Arab Emirates (the Energy Minister) stating support for the current OPEC+ framework of planned output rises saw oil steady after Wednesday’s drop back.

Gold is down just a few $$$.

Regional equities followed the lead from Wall Street and rose on the session. Speaking of equities Amazon announced a stock split (one to become 20) and a US$10bn buyback.

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