Major FX rates traded in subdued ranges ahead of key US CPI data due later today (at 8.30 am US Eastern time). There are previews and ranges of estimates (for headline and core) in the points above.

News dribbled out that Japan's government is considering tax breaks for firms that grant 8% wage increases. It came via Japanese media, Yomiuri, and may help explain the sharp yen appreciation on Monday morning in the US, although I have seen other narratives offered up (again, see bullets above).

From Japan today we had various figures in the administration saying the yen should trade stably and according to fundamentals. With Japanese short-term rates negative and US short term rates circa 5% who would like to tell these pompous finger-waggers that it sure seems like it is trading according to fundamentals already?

During the session here USD/JPY tracked little more than a 15-point range. Other major FX rates traded similarly sideways.

US Treasury Secretary Yellen seems to have inadvertently dropped a truth-bomb saying that higher interest rates would create a challenge to debt sustainability if they last. Incongruously, she also said she disagrees with Moody's decision to move the US rating to a negative outlook.

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usdyen wrap chart 14 November 2023