The Reserve Bank of Australia increased its cash rate by 25bp at its monetary policy board meeting today, vs. the +50bp rate hike that was widely (though not unanimously) expected. In his accompanying statement Governor Lowe said that the cash rate has increased "substantially in a short period of time". He went on to say that slowing down the pace of rate hikes today gives the Bank an opportunity to assess household spending, wages, inflation and global economic developments to inform its path of rate hikes to come. It appears now theat further hikes will be +25, no more +50s to come from the RBA.

aud wrap rba 25bp 04 October 2022

AUD/USD fell on the announcement. As I update it has not followed through lower though, having bounced back to be not a lot changed from pre-announcement.

USD/JPY dropped briefly on the news that North Korea had launched a missile in the direction of Japan’s Hokkaido. The ballistic missile overflew Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean outside of Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone. North Korea launch ballistic missile tests with some regularity, but today’s was the first to fly over Japan since 2017.

USD/JPY soon recovered its poise and has since moved higher on the session.

We had data from Japan today, Tokyo area inflation (for September) rising again, this time at its fastest since 1992 (excluding those readings when the sales tax was raised).

Elsewhere, major FX ranges have been relatively subdued. The absence of China from markets has sapped some interest and flows in the region so far for the week.