The US dollar lost a few points during the session, with AUD, NZD notable gainers. EUR, GBP, CAD were all higher against the USD also but trailed behind OZ and NZ.

Australian trade surplus data today also showed strong imports of consumer goods (and thus strong domestic demand), giving a tailwind to the AUD.

The CHF also added on a few points against the dollar while USD/JPY is very little net changed on the session.

Late in the US day (after 4pm) Atlanta Fed President Bostic spoke. He maintained the hawkish drum beat coming from Fed officials.

Thee was news on oil, the Wall Street Journal reporting that the Biden administration is looking at potentially easing sanctions on Venezuela to allow Chevron to export more oil out of the country. The main caveats to this are, one, the US administration wants to see Maduro allowing opposition parties to be more active. This seems unlikely. And two, even if this was achieved it would likely be years before Chevron could pump meaningful volumes out of the country. Oil is a touch weaker on the session here.

Regional equities were mixed following the soft lead from Wall Street on Wednesday.

NZD and AUD were leaders:

nzdusd 06 October 2022 22