• NZD leads, USD lags on the day
  • European equities mixed; S&P 500 futures up 0.1%
  • US 10-year yields up 2 bps to 1.745%
  • Gold flat at $1,824.40
  • WTI down 0.1% to $82.53
  • Bitcoin down 0.2% to $43,702

It was a quiet session for the most part, with not much on the economic calendar to shake things up.

Risk tones were more tepid throughout but the dollar struggled as the slump from yesterday continued. Major currencies were flattish coming off Asian trading but dollar weakness was evident as European traders entered.

EUR/USD moved up from 1.1450 to 1.1478 while USD/JPY fell from 114.60 to 114.37 during the session. Meanwhile, GBP/USD climbed up and is knocking on the door of its 200-day moving average of 1.3733.

USD/CAD fell from 1.2490 to 1.2465 as sellers tested waters below its own 200-day moving average and AUD/USD is taking a peek above 0.7300 and a push above its 100-day moving average.

The moves point to the dollar being tested at key technical points, though EUR/USD may still have some room to extend towards 1.1500 from here.

Risk sentiment remains a key driver of things ahead of the weekend but for now, it looks like the dollar is being squeezed a little amid the quieter and calmer mood.