USDJPY daily d
USDJPY daily

Goldman Sachs remains bullish on USD/JPY, predicting the pair to touch 150 by the end of this year and 155 in the subsequent six months. This outlook is underpinned by the bank's anticipation of sustained high rates, robust US economic growth, and a more dovish BoJ policy stance.

Key Points:

  1. US Economic Outlook: Goldman Sachs expects continued strength in the US economy, characterized by "higher for longer" rates and robust growth. This positive US economic momentum contrasts with more muted expectations for other major economies, underpinning a scenario of US outperformance.

  2. Negative Mix for the Yen: The confluence of resilient US growth, sustained high rates, and heightened cyclical pricing presents a bearish backdrop for the Japanese Yen, especially when juxtaposed against a strong US economic backdrop.

  3. BoJ Policy Stance: Goldman's outlook factors in a dovish policy stance from the Bank of Japan, which is anticipated to further weigh on the Yen in the medium term.


  • For Forex Traders:

    • Trade Strategy: Traders bullish on USD/JPY should consider potential entry and exit points, factoring in the 150 and 155 levels as significant milestones in the near to medium term.
  • For Investors:

    • Hedging Strategy: Investors with exposure to JPY-related assets might consider hedging strategies to mitigate potential downside risks stemming from the Yen's anticipated depreciation.
  • For Policy Analysts:

    • Monetary Policy Dynamics: The divergence between the BoJ's dovish stance and the relatively hawkish US outlook is key. Analysts should monitor how this disparity evolves and its resultant impact on currency dynamics.

The Takeaway:
Goldman Sachs' projection for the upward trajectory of USD/JPY is grounded in their assessment of US economic strength, interest rate dynamics, and the anticipated dovishness of BoJ policy. As the pair approaches the 150 mark and potentially 155 in the next six months, market participants need to stay abreast of economic indicators and central bank signals to inform their strategies effectively.

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