As an ICYMI, US presidential contender Trump is preparing a load of punitive trade measures targeting the European Union.

Info comes via Bloomberg (gated), citing "people familiar with his team’s nascent economic-platform discussions."

  • A likely starting point in a second Trump administration would be the EU’s inclusion in a broad minimum 10% tariff, which would also be applied to China
  • He might also assemble counter-measures against European digital services taxes that implicitly go after US technology champions, using Section 301 of the US trade law
  • The potential measures against Europe also would serve as a major component of a broader initiative to overhaul US trade in goods.

More at that link if you can access it.

trump china

(and the EU)

The election is in November, if Trump wins watch for these measures. They will likely to be well discoutned into the EUR by then I ould imagine.