The aussie and kiwi were higher earlier on, lifted by some relief from China. But they have pared the early gains now, which weren't a whole lot to begin with anyway. In the case of AUD/USD, large option expiries and some key near-term technicals are at play so there is that to consider. Here's a snapshot of dollar pairs currently:

FX 28-08

With London out today, it wouldn't be surprising to see the more tepid mood and lack of appetite carry through until US trading at least.

EUR/USD is holding slightly above 1.0800 with large option expiries also in play alongside the 200-day moving average at 1.0805. The interest thereabouts is just keeping price action within a 26 pips range for now so that isn't really saying much.

Looking at equities, US futures are now up just 0.1% so there is also a more tentative mood going around.