Well, that's quite a bummer in European morning trade. There was a bit of life after the PMI data earlier but things have quickly settled back down. Dollar pairs are sitting within 10 pips of one another, showing very little change on the day.

FX 23-04

That speaks to the lack of conviction we're seeing for the time being. Hopefully that will change when we get to the US PMI data later, to help set the tone for the sessions ahead as well. Otherwise, it might stay quieter until we get to the US Q1 GDP data on Thursday and the PCE price index on Friday.

If anything else, USD/JPY remains one to pay close attention to as it holds close to the 155.00 mark.

In other markets, gold is still down a little over 1% at $2,300 while equities are hoping to post back-to-back daily gains this week. S&P 500 futures are up 0.2% but things are still looking a little nervy, as seen in US trading yesterday. Nonetheless, investors managed to snap the run of six straight days of losses so let's see if they can keep the bounce going for now.