Fed Powell

The Pfizer news yesterday was perhaps a good place to put a checkpoint in light of all the uncertainty on omicron recently. In the next stretch, markets are to slowly turn their attention to central banks instead. That is not to say that omicron developments are not important. They will still be part of the mix in the week ahead too.

But with the big guns all lined up for next week, expect that to steal most of the focus.

  • Fed to be more hawkish in their language? Potentially line up quicker tapering/rate hikes?
  • ECB to keep 'transitory' language? Any guidance on APP purchases for next year?
  • BOE to hike rates this time around?
  • SNB.. Meh

Omicron aside, there are plenty of things to digest just from that to pique interest in markets. I've shared some thoughts for stocks yesterday here and why Pfizer's news may not be a straightforward play.

As the week slowly winds down, we're moving past that checkpoint highlighted above so the next few sessions may be a more lacking in a sense when trying to figure out any firm direction. That is unless we get more virus headlines.