Matter is announcing that it is updating and expanding its "Ads on Reels" tests so creators can earn money from their reels (videos).

A summary:

Facebook is expanding its Ads on Reels tests to enable more creators to monetize their engaging public reels. Thousands of creators are being invited to join the updated tests, and a similar program will be launched on Instagram in the coming weeks. Payouts will be determined by the performance of creators' reels, rather than the earnings of ads on their reels, allowing creators to focus on making engaging content while optimizing ad experiences for advertisers and users. To participate in the program, creators must live in one of the 52 eligible countries and meet minimum requirements. Once onboarded, creators can earn by producing engaging reels, and they can check their invitation status through the Monetization Tools section on the Professional Dashboard.

Shares of Meta are trading down $-0.84 -0.36% at $232.40. There is a gap from after the earnings release on April 27. The high price on April 17 reach $222.11. The closing level from April 26 was at $209.40. The low price since the gap higher has reached $229.85.

Technically the prices back below the 50% midpoint of the move down from the 2021 high at $384.32 to the low price from November 2022 at $88.09. That level comes in at $236.37. Getting and staying back above that 50% retracement would increase the bullish bias. The swing high going back to early February at $248.24 would be the next upside target. There is a gap up to $289.01 from another earnings release that has yet to be filled.

Meta trade above and below 50% midpoint of move down