Good morning, afternoon or evening to all ForexLive traders and welcome to the start of the new FX week!

On a Monday morning, market liquidity is very thin until it improves as more Asian centres come online.

As usual for an early Asia Monday morning, prices are liable to swing around on not too much at all, so take care out there.

Levels guide:


ps. Given the breathless headlines about how Asia is trashing GBP so early ... well, not really. The trashing came on Friday and in this super, super thin liquidity time there are a few trades for tiny amounts hitting. For info purposes:

  • its currently 8.50 am in New Zealand, and it's a public holiday (ps. New Zealand switched to daylight saving this weekend)
  • 5.50am in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne)
  • 4.50 am in Tokyo
  • 3.50am in Singapore and Hong Kong