Christmas is for me a celebration of the birth of Christ.

Now, that is because I was born in this world to parents of a faith that had God, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as the basis of its guiding principal for life here on earth. God is the all giving, the all powerful. Jesus Christ is God made flesh, who walked the earth and taught us to what it means to be Go(o)d, to live in peace, and the Holy Spirit is what guides us to do good, to make the right decisions. He/she guides us in our mind to how Jesus would do it if he were on this earth today, and also what God would want us to do.

Today is Christ's day...

I realize not all people are born in this world with that basis for life, and there are even different people in my specific faith or genre of faith (Christianity) who would look at that view and disagree. That is ok and even healthy if the basis for life is focused on two things....peace and love. That I believe is what we all - no matter what faith - have inherent in our being.

Peace is a choice. We can choose to be peaceful or peace-filled, or not, in all we do...There is always a path to peace, but we have to take it. When we get to those forks in the road (i.e. decisions we make), we should strive to take the path that gives us peace. Peace on earth....God gives us the path, and He also gives us the choice too.

Believe it or not, that overall "religious" belief goes toward well (and really everything we do regardless of faith or religion). As a result, I have faith in it. I trust it.

When I write in a post, that traders "leaned against the 100 hour MA", or the "38.2% retracement and 200 week MA stalled the fall" like in my look at the GBPUSD for 2021, and that "traders could define their risk, and limit their risk against that support target", in my mind I envision a whole bunch of traders from around the globe, with different upbringing, different socio economic backgrounds different races who are looking at the same chart, the same picture, the same real time movie, the same God given life, and accepting in their little trading hearts, that this area is where they can - and should - trade because it gives them peace. It may not work out, but it gives them peace.

Putting it another way, those traders choose to trade around those areas, because they can trade without the opposite of peace....fear. They can because they can define the risk, limit the risk and the final step, accept the risk. The "acceptance of risk" is where implicitly or explicitly, we all choose peace over fear. If we can't we are still in fear. Maybe we should not trade.

Anyway, if you can do that for trading, you can apply that in all aspects of your life. I'll let you think about that yourself....

So if celebrate Christmas or not because of who you are, you are still walking this earth like me. We share the same gift of life. My universal wish is find peace. That will lead to love too..

Peace on earth, goodwill to all.