European stocks are bouncing back to positive territory while US futures have soared on the Pfizer news here.

S&P 500 futures had earlier pared gains of around 0.4% to flat levels but are now up 0.5% on the day. Meanwhile, Treasury yields looked heavy after news of further imminent UK virus measures but have bounced back strongly.

10-year yields were down to 1.43% but have pared that drop to 1.47% now. In the meantime, 2-year yields are keeping their focus well on the Fed and rate hikes in a climb to 0.70%:

It doesn't take much to get this market roaring again and Pfizer's boost came at just the right time when risk sentiment was souring earlier. Talk about timing that dip buy, eh?

In FX, USD/JPY is seeing a bounce from 113.40 to 113.70-80 with price keeping above its key hourly moving averages today: