Singapore Non-oil Domestic Exports (NODX) in August 2023:

  • -3.8% m/m vs +5.5% expected
  • -20.1% y/y vs. -15.8% expected

Electronics and non-electronics exports to the United States, Europe and China declined the cited reasoning.


Singapore Non-oil Domestic Exports (NODX) measures the value of goods exported from Singapore excluding oil and petroleum products.

  • an important gauge of Singapore's external trade performance, especially for the manufacturing and export sectors
  • covers a wide range of products, including electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, precision engineering goods, and more
  • growth in NODX indicates an increase in exports, which can boost economic activity and contribute to GDP growth
  • a decline in NODX suggests a slowdown in export demand and may signal weaker economic conditions
  • factors influencing NODX include global economic conditions, changes in international demand for Singaporean goods, fluctuations in exchange rates, shifts in global supply chains, and changes in government policies related to trade

Singapore is heavily reliant reliance on international trade. It's a small and open economy where exports play a significant role in driving economic growth and employment.

Singapore exports 18 September 2023