The major US stock indices moved into negative territory toward the end of the Powell testimony. They started to move lower after Powell to a question asking if a 100 basis point move was off the table, said more or less, that "you can never say never". Stocks came off and the major indices turned back into the red for the day.

However, the prices of the major currencies have seen a rebound in all 3 trade back above unchanged for the day

Taking a look at the major indices:

  • Dow is up 48 points or 0.16% at 30578.80
  • S&P is up 9.66 points or 0.26% at 3774.51
  • NASDAQ index is up 42.35 points or 0.38% at 11111.874 the Russell 2000

For the small cap Russell 2000, it is is still marginally and negative territory

  • Russell 2000 is down -0.85 points or is -0.05% at 1693.18

Looking at the yields, the levels are still down on the day

  • 2 year yield 3.058%, -14.3 basis points basis points. The low yield reached 3.054%
  • 5 year yield 3.216%, -14.5 basis point. The low yield reached 3.202%
  • 10 year yield 3.154%, -12.7 basis points. The low yield reached 3.124%
  • 30 year yield 3.24% -10.0 basis points. The low yield reached 3.229%