a computer grabbing a user with tentacles and pulling him in, with a cyberpunk style

The momentum in AI is growing.

I've been writing about its incredible power for months but with the release of GPT-4, Midjourney 5 and the impending release of Microsoft CoPilot, the world is taking more and more notice. There are hyperbolic people comparing it to the invention of fire. For me, the speed of change in this field is like Apple released the iPhone 1 in December but is shipping a new model every month, if not faster.

The macroeconomic implications are daunting, but it's obviously going to be an insane productivity enhancer, which is wildly deflationary. The only questions are about the timelines.

I spent hours in the past week listening to commentary from people at the top of OpenAI. The comments from OpenAi chief scientist Ilya Sutskever and Jensen Huang were insightful but if you're looking for some kind of roadmap, they didn't quite hit the mark. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was on a well-known podcast yesterday but the comments due too far into the bland, reactionary themes in AI right now. You can see that he's a guy who has been thrust into an incredibly-difficult role.

The best conversation I listened to this week -- by far -- was from Google former CEO Eric Schmidt. He's written about book on the future of AI and his comments on how it will develop and change the world are both frightening and enlightening. I highly recommend it.

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