daily covid cases south africa
Daily covid cases south africa

The latest indications are a case of good news and bad news. Virologists are growing increasingly confident that this variant is more transmissible. At the same time, there are some signs that infections are less severe.

Of the 42 Covid patients in the hospital on Dec. 2, 70% did not need supplemental oxygen. Thirteen did require oxygen, including nine who were diagnosed with Covid pneumonia. The remaining four patients were on oxygen but for other illnesses; two, for instance, had been on home oxygen before their infections.

There are also signs that vaccinated people are faring better against severe illness.

The data will be what determines where markets go from here and one spot I'm watching particularly closely is South Africa, where the variant was first discovered. In particular, Gauteng province, where the first outbreak took place.

  • 23 Nov: 605
  • 24 Nov: 1018
  • 25 Nov : 1950
  • 26 Nov : 2173
  • 27 Nov : 2629
  • 28 Nov : 2308
  • 29 Nov : 1909
  • 30 Nov: 3143
  • 1 Dec: 6168
  • 2 Dec: 8280
  • 3 Dec: 11553
  • 4 Dec: 11,607
  • 5 Dec: 7929

There is some small scope for optimism here but the headline numbers don't tell the whole story. The Dec 3 and Dec 4 numbers included 66K and 68K tests -- that fell to 46,708 today. That's a 31% decline in cases and 31% decline in tests. Of course, the good news there is that infections aren't accelerating.

Positivity nationwide is at a staggering 23.8% though so many cases are being missed.

Meanwhile, both Britain and Denmark reported many more cases of the variant on Sunday with the number in the UK doubling and Denmark tripling since Friday to 183. In the US, at least 17 states have detected cases, including in people with no travel history.