Is it finally, finally over? Or will there be more twists and turns in the banking crisis that has befallen us in the last week or so? As much as the big boys on Wall Street are trying to calm the tensions in markets, there are still plenty of questions lingering for now.

But as is the case throughout the week, with every passing minute that we don't see any bad news, that is essentially good news for the overall sentiment in markets.

The ECB delivered as expected and with markets taking things in stride, more or less, that might help the euro slightly before the weekend. However, there are large option expiries to consider as well but for now, sentiment is still the key driver.

In that lieu, don't discount the action in the bond market as if we do start to see the jitters to come back, that will be the first tell.

Looking at the charts, gold remains the standout pick throughout the week so far even if there was a bit of a pullback on Wednesday under $1,900 for a brief period. Price is up another 0.7% now to above $1,930 and that is setting up for a retest of the year's highs.

Meanwhile, oil trading back under $70 is a bit of a danger, danger moment. So, that might be one interesting spot to watch depending on how markets are going to take to the global economic climate in the year ahead. I'd say that if China continues to keep a more robust front, then perhaps there is scope for a decent rebound in oil in the months ahead.

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