It is shaping up to be a slow start to the session, with major currencies and risk tones looking fairly disinterested.

This follows a solid showing by risk yesterday but it needed help from Pfizer's news. That is providing some encouragement, though it also reaffirms that omicron is way more transmissible than delta.

There is going to be much more information in the weeks ahead, so strap yourselves in. The Pfizer news is a neat checkpoint but there will be more to follow surely. Not least with traders and investors also having to turn their attention to central banks next week.

That might very well keep markets on edge in the early stages of next week before the Fed.

Looking to the remainder of this week, it is tough to gather much strong conviction going into the final two days.

The aussie remains perky though after the push in AUD/USD above the 23.6 retracement level @ 0.7125 yesterday. That sees 0.7200 on the cards next (38.2 retracement level @ 0.7208).

There is also a case to stay long in oil as sentiment continues to recover. Of note, buyers are looking towards the 100-day moving average for WTI next just above $74.

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