Having spent many years interacting with people online you will soon see the point of view that

Bill Burr the American comedian has, 'about 87% of people are fine'. The far side comics had it about right with this:

If you know, you know

So, the thing that saddens me is that there is so much potential for shared knowledge and insight by interacting with professionals all over the world that it is often missed. So, if you have wanted to interact with others, but are put off here are some top tips for interacting on social media.

Top tips for social media

1. Ask specific questions. So, if there is something you want more understanding on ask. You will be amazed to hear that most people will help you if you ask them. Do you ask?

2. Private forums are often a great place to ask questions and grow in a supportive environment. The free forums often have a wild mix of people. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

3. If you find yourself wanting to slag someone off - don't. Disagreement is healthy, what makes our markets, and is to be welcomed. Slagging people off is sometimes just a marketing ploy to make yourself look better than the next guy. Remember, cynicism sells well. It also looks like you know more than other, you know 'in the know'. See though it.

4. When someone has a good point , share it around. The more that better analysis is shared the more people benefit

5. We are all in this alone, but together we can make our individual journey's more enjoyable. So, don't be annoying.

Finally, character is king and overtime it will play out.

Everything else was pretty much noise.