Treasury Secretary Yellen is saying:

  • US household finances healthy, economy appears to be poised for further growth.
  • Pace of US recovery has exceeded most optimistic expectations based on traditional metrics.
  • 80% of Russia's banking system assets now under restrictions, half of the Russian central bank assets were immobilized by Monday.
  • Treasury prioritizing sanctions on oligarchs key to Putin's power, assembling task force with Justice Department to uncover, freeze and sees their wealth.
  • US allies will continue to impose severe consequences on Putin, Russia over Ukraine war; Russia increasingly on economic island.
  • On energy sanctions, says nothing is off the table with regard to sanctions
  • US financial system has very small exposure to Russia
  • We will continue to address potential sources of leakages in sanctions
  • Crypto currency networks are subject to anti money laundering and sanctions if they aid Russia in evading sanctions

Meanwhile the price of crude oil continues to move higher with the small contractor trading at $111.97. That's just off the high at $112.48