S&P 500 futures (5 mins)

Dow futures are also seen up 0.1% and Nasdaq futures up 0.3% at the moment as we start to see light gains on the session now. In trading yesterday, there was a heavy contrast in the mood in Wall Street. The Dow suffered losses once again while the Nasdaq surged higher as it owed much to Nvidia's strong performance after its solid earnings report.

In the bigger picture, overall sentiment looks to be hinging quite a bit on the US debt ceiling talks at the moment.

Tech stocks though have continued to defy the odds, so that might make things a bit tricky as we look towards the long weekend. But at least for now, there are murmurs that debt ceiling talks might take a more optimistic turn (not too surprising) and that is also perhaps helping to see some mild positivity creep in ahead of US trading later.